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The Seriously Fun Business Of Puppetry: Online Training Course

Want to become a puppeteer? Love the sound of earning an income through puppetry arts? Keen to set up your own thriving puppetry arts business? Larrikin Puppets, the team behind Puppet Central, have done just that and can support your puppetry business to do so as well – no matter where in the world you are located and no matter what puppetry style you specialise in.

Puppet Central offers a practical 8 week online training program ‘The Seriously Fun Business Of Puppetry’ for emerging puppeteers of for-profit puppetry businesses or non-profit puppetry arts organisations.

We cover:

  • What you need to set up a sustainable puppetry arts business.
  • How to write, present and tour an engaging live puppet show audiences will love.
  • How to write a strategic puppetry arts marketing plan including crowdfunding.
  • How to write a puppetry media release, pitch to media, present to media.
  • How to set up and maintain a puppetry website including how to write a blog.
  • How to set up and maintain an engaging social media presence.
  • How to run and promote a special event.
  • Coaching takes place in a virtual environment using phone, Zoom and email.

We do not do your strategy for you. Instead, we give you the tools you need to design your own strategy, the know-how to implement your own tactics, oodles of practical feedback and all kinds of spirited support.

The Seriously Fun Business Of Puppetry: Only $960. Payment plans available. Consider booking as a group of 2 or more participants to share the costs!

The 8 week course consists of 2 hours per week of one-on-one online training and 5 hours of post-training support. Contact us now to book.