Punch & Judy Shows, Harlequin’s Puppet Theatre, Pulcinella, Flea Circus Shows

Punch and Judy Puppet Show - Harlequin Puppet Theatre - Toowoomba

Find a folk puppet show featuring traditional hand puppets – think Punch & Judy, Harlequin, Pulcinella! Or book the magic of a classic flea circus.


Punch and Judy Puppet Show - Harlequin Puppet Theatre - Brisbane

Murphy’s Puppets – Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane – Queensland

Internationally renowned puppeteer Dennis Murphy has moved from Sydney to Toowoomba, giving children and families around South-East Queensland the opportunity to experience world-class, quality, traditional puppet shows including:

  • Allenby’s Famous Flea Circus
  • Harlequin’s Puppet Theatre (Commedia dell’Arte folk puppets in English or Italian – think Punch And Judy but better!)
  • The Pram Show (Monkey puppet fun!)
  • Roving Puppetry (great for festivals)
  • Theatre-In-Education School Shows – featuring mask, puppetry and Commedia dell-Arte. Murphys Puppets received the NSW Department of Education’s prestigious Frater Award seven times.

Since 1979, Dennis has developed a whole stable of weird and wonderful characters and countless puppet acts, and is Australia’s leading exponent of Commedia dell’Arte. A true master of irreverent comedy, his puppets get all the laughs!

Book Murphys Puppets for festivals, schools, childcare and birthday parties in Southern Downs, Ipswich, Brisbane and beyond.

Book a Punch and Judy Puppet Show - Toowoomba - Ipswich - Australia