Launch Of Puppet Central, An Entertainment Agency Just For Puppets

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We’re proud as punch to be launching what we believe to be Australia’s and the world’s first PUPPET ONLY Entertainment Agency!

We’re calling it Puppet Central and we’re inviting puppeteers and puppet builders to be part of it.

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At Puppet Central, our goal is to represent and promote puppeteers and puppet builders firstly in Australia then all over the English speaking world.

We’re not just going to invisibly and passively sit back, see if someone books you then take a cut of funds. We know how that works – and it doesn’t. Instead, our passion is to actively promote puppetry as an entertainment option for childcare centres, festivals, libraries, theatres, shopping centres, parties, local councils and TV networks.

We are keen to get you more gigs or – if you already get plenty of gigs – simply be another trusted avenue where you can be found.

As you may be aware, Brett works full-time in his puppet business. He regularly receives booking enquiries for puppet gigs all over Australia and around the world. That’s because – at Larrikin Puppets – we’re pretty super at promoting what we do.

Now, through Puppet Central, we want to promote you!

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How is Puppet Central radically different from other entertainment agencies?

We don’t mind if a client contacts you directly: No really. If a client contacts Puppet Central and contacts you directly and you both want to deal with each other directly, regardless of it’s whether before or after contacting Puppet Central, we don’t care. You are most welcome to deal with the client directly. Why? Because our goal is for both you and the client to be so happy with Puppet Central’s service that you actually want to deal with us rather than be forced into it. It’s also our goal for entertainers to be getting gigs. We know what it’s like. We are entertainers ourselves.

We get that this is a radical offer, but we love to see our puppeteers and puppet builders flourishing in their businesses without the constraints that old-school entertainment agencies tend to demand.

To be clear, for puppeteers, we facilitate the booking enquiry from beginning to end in a fuss-free fashion. Once it’s all booked in, we provide you with the client’s full details. It’s only at that point that our terms and conditions require a firm commitment. For example, you can’t cancel a booking with Puppet Central then rebook directly with the client. That would just be weird and, given the small amount of money involved, not really worth the time anyway. For puppet builders, we facilitate the introduction then request a finder’s fee. Being excellent at doing both of these things is how we earn our management fee.

We don’t mind if you deal with a client directly next time: Not. Even. Kidding. If a client wants to deal with you directly into the future for gigs after the first gig facilitated via Puppet Central, you are most welcome to offer that opportunity to your client. Why? Because we’re pretty confident that you’ll leave the relationship to us. We trust that our service will be so smooth and so personalised and so top notch that both you and your client will choose to continue to facilitate bookings with Puppet Central.

We get this is another radical offer, but as a contemporary entertainment agency run by entertainers, we are here to make the booking process and the process of getting gigs easier for you rather than harder. So we reckon you’ll stick with us and support the investment that we’ve made in you. At least, we hope you do. You’re just not contractually obliged to. We don’t have any secret, old-school terms and conditions that require it.

We don’t just sit back looking pretty: We don’t demand your loyalty. We earn it. Despite being a fully online entertainment agency, we don’t just sit back online looking pretty taking bookings using an automated online service that your clients fill in after stumbling across your listing online via Google. A human rather than a robot manually looks after booking enquiries and we put work into promoting you, training you and supporting you.

We want you to love working with us so much that you will want us to look after you in the short-term and the long-term. Sure, we have terms and conditions, but they are radically different from those of traditional entertainment agencies. And we are proud of that.

What else will Puppet Central offer?

As well as providing representation and marketing, Puppet Central will also soon feature:

  • a shop where we can set up and sell your merchandise (and we both get a cut!);
  • an events section where you can promote any ticketed theatre events you might be hosting;
  • a space where puppeteers can buy and sell puppet show scripts; plus
  • plenty of training opportunities in puppetry, puppetry business management and puppetry marketing.

For Australian puppet shows, as your agent, we’ll be adding a percentage of our fee on top of your normal fee. You just charge what you normally charge and we add a percentage on top of that. We will manage the booking and invoice the client directly on your behalf. When we receive a booking enquiry via Puppet Central, we will contact you for a quote. Note, we will not be contacting multiple puppeteers for quotes. This is not an auction nor a race to the bottom dollar!

For Australian puppet builders, it’s simply a one-off, flat-rate finders fee of $50. If an enquiry progresses to a booking, you simply send us $50 once the client has paid. You can do this at deposit stage or after the client has paid the full amount. You will manage the relationship with the client directly and invoice the client directly.

For International puppet shows and puppet builders, we’re still working out the legals with lawyers. We’re super keen to represent and promote you, so stay tuned for more info into the future and feel free to fill out the listing.

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Time poor? Find marketing boring?

If you already have a website for your puppetry business or listings and photos all over the Internet, don’t worry – we’re happy to put something together for you.

Just fill in the quick, easy bits on the listing form then leave the description and photo sections blank and we’ll look after it for you.

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We hope you love the sound of what we’re doing and we look forward to working with you!

Brett & Elissa.