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Puppet Show - Melbourne School Incursion

Melbourne Puppet Kerfuffle – Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne Puppet Kerfuffle deliver educational and entertaining puppet shows for Kindergarten and Primary school-aged kids.

Their colourful and friendly puppets delight audiences with engaging storylines, hilarious jokes, catchy songs and interactive games.

They focus on values such as resilience, confidence, problem-solving, managing emotions and making good choices.

Melbourne Puppet Kerfuffle, presented by Chris Elkington (who’s a teacher) and Rob Irvin, provides schools with puppet programs that entertain and educate with underlying themes of health, wellbeing and interpersonal skills.

Book Melbourne Puppet Kerfuffle for your next educational kinder show or school incursion.

Book a puppet show - Melbourne Australia

Fun Kids Dentist - School Health Incursion - Melbourne

Dr Bethany’s Tooth Tales, Melbourne, Victoria

Dr Bethany’s Tooth Tales is an educational, fun, and age-appropriate interactive musical incursion for ages 2-7, ideal for kinders and primary schools in Greater Melbourne and beyond. Her 45 minute incursions are designed to teach children about oral health, hygiene and nutrition. 

She captures the attention of the children through games, stories, songs, dances and puppets. All while presenting enlightening lessons they actually enjoy.

Award-winning children’s entertainer and dentist, Dr Bethany, will capture the attention of every child in the room. She makes dental hygiene fun! Can you even imagine? Book Dr Bethany for your next health incursion now.

Book a puppet show - Dental Health Incursion - Melbourne - Australia

Puppet Show - Melbourne - Puppeteer Victoria - Chris Elkington

Chris Elkington – Melbourne, Victoria

Based in Melbourne, puppeteer Chris Elkington is available to perform puppet shows for schools, libraries, childcare centres, churches, parties and special events.

Chris, who’s also qualified school teacher, is an ideal choice for curriculum-aligned school incursions as well as super fun children’s entertainment in Victoria.

He provides narrative story puppet shows, values-based puppet shows, and interactive puppetry performance and sock puppet making workshops.

For a unique and memorable puppet show with plenty of laughs, book Chris for your next event.

Book a puppet show - Melbourne Australia

Puppet Show - Puppetry Workshop - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast

Larrikin Puppets – Bribie Island & Brisbane, Queensland

Larrikin Puppets are award-winning Australian children’s entertainers who perform colourful and exciting puppet shows, songs and stories for stage and screen. They also deliver fun, educational themed shows and interactive puppetry workshops.

Through themed puppet shows that support both Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian School Curriculum, Larrikin Puppets helps bring new concepts to life while providing wide-eyed wonder. Our puppets transform otherwise dry topics into something fun and whimsical to learn and think about.

Ideal for childcare centres, schools, libraries, shopping centres, children’s festivals and clubs, Larrikin Puppets’ educational puppet shows combine adventure, song, dance and storytelling to educate and/or entertain. Choose from:

  • Kindness and Anti-Bullying
  • Social Science
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Storytime

Plus educational puppetry performance workshops and sock puppet craft making workshops.

Book Larrikin Puppets for your school, library, theatre, childcare or special event.

Book a Puppet Show - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Australia


Puppet Show - Puppet Builder - Hudson Valley - New York

Up In Arms – Hudson Valley, New York

Up In Arms is a New York based pupppetry arts company that makes education entertaining and engaging for kindergarten and elementary school aged students, helping to convey difficult messages and themes – a wonderful discussion launch pad for teachers and parents to extend upon in class and at home.

Perfect for kindergarten, schools, libraries and family theatres, the company has 10 different puppet shows that feature a range of strong curriculum connections including listening, kindness, anti-bullying, reading, health, and communication, as well as visual and performing arts.

Whether for schools, a theater presentation, a library show, events or festivals, an Up In Arms story is one audiences will never forget. Performed by a talented cast of puppeteers and available to book across New York and beyond, Up In Arms theatre stage shows feature scripts and music written by industry professionals – all set to be enjoyed and appreciated by children and families alike.

While based in the Hudson Valley region of New York, Up In Arms travels nationally and has performed all over New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts as well as tours in Maryland, Michigan, North Dakota and Las Vegas.

Puppet Show - Hudson Valley - New York