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Pouch Puppets by Super Steph

For some big belly laughs, book Super Steph’s hilarious Australian wildlife themed puppet show. Super interactive and perfect for ages 1-10 years, this puppet show combines music, magic and mayhem. The children shout out all the fun facts of these cuddly creatures and learn some others along the way.

Intertwined with this silliness, the children learn a song about koalas and make an Australian flag with some wonky magic wands – and it goes all wrong. They work as a team to get it all back to normal again! 

For a full 45 minutes the children meet some very loud personalities of the cutest of Aussie wildlife:

  • Sally Snake, a shy python from Alice Springs who loves to dance to Twist and Shout.
  • Kev the Koala, a pizza-eating koala who is scared of heights.
  • Patches The Cockatoo who ruins everything.
  • Baby Shark who won’t give up his dummy without a fight.
  • Coco the Koala who thinks she is the bees knees.

Book Pouch Puppets Australian Wildlife Puppet Show now. You won’t be disappointed!

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