About Puppet Central

Puppet Central was founded and is run by Australian puppeteers and arts entrepreneurs Brett Hansen and Elissa Jenkins. We are based in Australia, but plan to operate globally.

As a married couple, we have achieved enormous success through our puppetry arts business, Larrikin Puppets.

We believe anyone who wants to succeed in the business of puppetry should be encouraged to do so. Puppet Central is our way of supporting the tradition and advancement of puppetry arts locally and globally.

Book your next puppet show through Puppet Central.

10% of all Puppet Central profits will go to supporting the establishment (then ongoing running) of a non-profit organisation that will fund children’s entertainers to perform for vulnerable children in communities across Australia and the world such as refugee children, children in refugee camps, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children, children recovering from natural disasters, sick children in hospital, and children in rural and regional communities.

Setting up this non-profit is our ultimate dream. Help us make it happen! Book a puppet show now through Puppet Central!